You know what? To your surprise, AI can be implemented in almost any type of business.

Kuon Technologies, investigating how AI can be applied into business and we are developing highly efficient and productive systems that auomate the tasks humans have been in charge of until now.

The AI systems we develp can be implemented in almost any idustries such as manufacturing, wholesale/retail, food and beverage, construction, service industry, and so forth. They handle tasks with overwhelming speed and accuracy.

Kuon Technologies,Ltd. is an AI solution company. Its mission is to contribute to the industrial world by constructing a system by making a full use of high-performance, versatile AI engines.

Case Studies


We analyze past POS data, the day of the week, weather, and customer attribute information, etc. to estimate the number of visitors in the future and the number of menu item sales.


Manufacturing Industry

We consider the order details, desired delivery date, operation rate of production line, inventory stock of raw materials, logistics lead time of purchase, etc., and our system suggests automatically calculated plans such as order production and lot to be assigned for the best efficiency.


Retail Industry(inventory control)

We analyze the sales situation when various promotions such as store POP, Internet advertisement, magazine advertisement, television comercial etc. were implemented, and estimate what kind of promotion to carry out and desired time frame for it to be conducted to maximize the sales.


Construction Industry

Until now when work is finished, it was necessary for the site manager to check the quality of finished construction and its situtation, it took a great deal of time and effort. AI will judge the finishd condition of construction and determine either a pass or a fail by just analyzing the photographs.


Here is the flow of consultation to development (procedure to be taken upon your requests)

After your initial request, there will be consultations and then discussions for specification designs to perfectly match your inquiry.Then, we will develop a solution/system exclusively designed to satisfy your needs. Since we will be in charge of design specifications, it is not necessary for you to have knowledge of neither computer systems nor AI. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have such requests "I want to automate labor", or "Please advise and propose what kind of rationalization can be obtained by installing AI into our business".

Even if a core system or management system has already been introduced to your system, it is possible to install our AI technology additionally.

AI is a system that combines data accumulated in existing systems and other external data to derive new knowledge and solutions, so you can extract necessary data from existing systems and operate it as an independent system.


When you introduce a new management system or replace your existing one, you may implement our AI system at the same time so that a more optimized system is built.

Since we are engaged in developing not only AI systems but also general management systems and Web applications, maximum performance may be obtained when you request a full-suite solution from us.


Interview with the CEO

AI, an artificial intelligence which started sweeping around in our era
In order to make the most of it to manage small and medium-sized enterprises, Kuon Technologies PTE, LTD. in Osaka develops its own AI systems.

Mr.Naohiro Nishida, the Director of Kuon Technologies PTE, LTD., became independent in the private banking business after working for the securities industry.

While providing asset buildup support to his clients of small and medium-sized enterprises, he decided to undertake the development of AI so that it empowers his cutomers to maximize their corpotate profit. AI, can be applied to varioous different industries, what exactly is it? Let's discoer the full of surprises of Artificial Intelligence.